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Music is copyright of Sam Hunt, footage is available for free here: m/videos/vintage-car-488 Please like and subscribe for more content.New song from country music all-star, Sam Hunt.Lauras account forces Blaire and her friends to play a deathly game where sexual experience online game

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It makes it quite awkward to discuss the adult chat android app h* changes someone did to their lineup.
Unless you inserted a censored word between the letters in such a way as to make it come out right after the system censored it: "asasssaassssinate" would become "assassinate for nude female cams bodybuilding instance.
Considering the nature of the game, however, it gets problematic if you want to tell someone that your Supervillain got his powers from an Evil.
In the Law Order: Special Victims Unit episode descriptions, "rapist" is censored but "rape" is not.The City of Heroes profanity filter was rather weird to start with (censoring "Jew for instance) but at one point it went totally bonkers, censoring words seemingly at random "fist" can maybe be read as dirty, but some of the other variants most definitely not.Read this to see what they likely have to wrestle with.Capcom Unity's forums can censor many things, including names.When a fanfic had friends from Hufflepuff, Gryffindor and Ravenclaw refer to themselves as "The Huf fag ryffiravendorteers" (or something like that) the filter kicked.Kira Carsen is censored because of this.And another, from someone having a problem with Se*emCount (SetItemCount).Inklink, a picture charades game, includes "cocktail" and "pussywillow" in its limited word list.Other innocuous words that are censored include "suck "hook and "stupid" dumb" is allowed among undoubtedly tons of others yet to be discovered.It's so awful that the publisher allows and instructed Luna players to go into the game files and disable it themselves.

Arsenal, Scunthorpe United and Manchester Fucking United (or substitute the name of your own team's bitterest rivals with 'fucking' added).
And "Arier" translates to Aryan, but is of course far more likely to turn up in a more completely innocuous word like "rep arier en" (to repair).
While it's possible to turn the filter off, it's weird enough to censor the word rac coon, replacing all but the first and last letters with asterisks.
One release of phpbb would allow all of the "7 dirty words" but would change the N-Word into "n1663r and the name "Turner" into "Phillpe.
Even though there's a game type called "Assault"!On this game's forum, one can say "shit" uncensored on an OP title.Any word including the fragment "kak" is censored, which is bothersome in Finnish where it's not uncommon.Their in-game chats still have censors, which can run into this type of problem sometimes.In Dutch, "lul" is a foul-language, really Not Safe for Work word for "penis and one of the worst insults that one can throw at anothernote It is used much less liberally than its equivalent, "dick(-head is used in English, and for a country that liberally.Which resulted in a bewildering reference to the famed tribute album I Disagree: Classic Kiss Regrooved.You better not try to discuss religion - real or fictional - with anyone in City of Heroes either - 'God' is considered a swearwordnote More specifically, it is a religious blasphemy to write it in a number of Jewish sects and a few exceptionaly.It inexplicably was also keyed specifically to that capitalization, so anyone actually talking about C ialis was able to.British digital TV supplier Virgin Media caused laughs when they broadcast Hanc*k, The Story of Can*s (Canals and a show synopsis for a Charles D*ens parody.

This even happened on Encyclopedia Dramatica of all places, when for a brief period the former site owner attempted to make it SFW by purging offensive articles and automatically swapping out offensive words for benign ones.