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# # use 'no-delay' to prevent access to this neighbor # from influencing the delay pools.
# #request_size 4096 KB # TAG: refresh_pattern # usage: refresh_pattern -i regex min percent max options # # By default, regular expressions are case-sensitive.
# #mcast_groups # TAG: tcp_incoming_address # TAG: tcp_outgoing_address # TAG: udp_incoming_address # TAG: udp_outgoing_address # Usage: tcp_incoming_address # udp_outgoing_address me # # tcp_incoming_address is used for the http socket which accepts # connections from clients and other caches.# teens caught on camera having sex # use 'default' if this is a parent cache which can # be used as a "last-resort." You should probably # only use 'default' in situations where you cannot # use ICP with your parent cache(s).# # use 'weightn' to specify a weighted parent.# TAG: announce_period # This is how frequently to send cache announcements.# * There is also a 'cache_peer_access' tag in the ACL # section.# TAG: prefer_direct # By default, if the ICP, htcp, Cache Digest, etc.# #log_icp_queries on # TAG: icp_hit_stale onoff # If you want to return ICP_HIT for stale cache objects, set this # option to 'on'.