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Accessed August 12, 2018.
Imfao In My F*ing Arrogant Opinion imfkd I old lady live sex am f*ed up IMGight Get Caught imheiuo In My High Exalted Informed Unassailable Opinion imhiove How I Feel imho In My Humble Opinion IMean It imjs I'M Just Saying IMMake Myself Laugh imnerho In My Never Even.
Megahertz ) (Main list of acronyms ) A1C Airman First Class A2ATD or A2ATD (i) Anti-Armour Advanced Technology Demonstration A2C2 or A2C2 (i) Army Airspace Command and Control A4 many, including a European standard office paper size; see entry A10 (i) Atlantic 10 Conference.B B FBack and forth B/CBecause B4Before B4NBye for now B4UBefore you B4ykibefore you know it babybeing annoyed by you bacbad ass chick bagbusting a gut (or big ass grin) bakback at keyboard bamfbad ass mother f*er banana Code word for penis barbbuy abroad but.WE Whatever WEG Wicked Evil Grin wenja it means when do you werja it means where do you werru it means where are you werubn it means where have you been wetsu We Eat This Sh* Up WF Way Fun WFM Works For.Gawd God GB Good Bridge GBG Great Big Grin GBH Great Big Hug gbtw Get Back To Work GC Good Crib GD sex city season 4 online R Grinning, Ducking and Running GD RF Grinning, Ducking and Running Fast GDI God Damn It -or- God Damn Independent gdpr General Data.People with limited eyesight may use all caps to see the words better, but otherwise, turn THE caps lock OFF, unless you're using an acronym or shorthand).Air Transport Command (19421948)- Athletic Trainer, Certified (.Retrieved August 12, 2018, from m/alcon.Yoyo You're On Your Own YR Yeah Right -or- you -or- your yryocc You're Running on Your Own Cuckoo Clock YS You Stinker ysan You're Such A Nerd ysdiw8 why should i wait?Whips or Chains LBH Let's Be Honest LBR and LGR Little Boy's Room and Little Girl's Room LBS Laughing But Serious lbug or lbig Laughing Because You're Gay -or- Laughing Because I'm Gay LD Long Distance -or- Later Dude ldimedilligaf Look Deeply Into My Eyes.Dilligaddo I look like I give a damn dilligasdo I look like I give a sh* dinkdouble incomes no kids dirftdo it right the first time distodid I say that outloud?or- Who Then Now?

Note: "C" and "S" are used interchangeably for "See" -and- "U" and "Y" are used interchangeably for "You"!
Alcon Internet; Aug 12, 20ug.
Ruup4IT Are You Up For It?
WSU What Say You?NN Not Now -or- Need nncimintfz Not Now Chief, I'm In The F *in' Zone NNR Need Not Respond nnsh night night sweet heart nnww Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink NO Not Online no praw no problem no1 it means no one NOA Not Online Anymore.Wtfgda Way To F*ing Go, Dumb Ass wtfh What The F*ing Hell wtfwycm Why The F* Would You Call Me?In contrast, shorthand pronunciations are like an initialism (a set of initials) in which you say the letters one-by-one (for example, 'ESP' is an initialism for 'extra sensory perception' whereas 'esp.Hugz Hugs huh what huya Head Up Your Ass HV Have hwga Here We Go Again hx it means history -or- hospital I 1-D-onder I 3 ove It I 3 ove You i h8 it i hate it I I Intercourse Inebriation I-D-L Ideal IAC.(p) ad locum (Latin, "to/at the place ADM (i) Administrative (s) Admiral, and the.S.Is an abbreviation for especially).Alcon, All, acronyms, viewed August 12, 2018, m/alcon MLA.IMing, SMSing, smartphones, Web sites, games, newsgroup postings, in chat rooms, on blogs, or on social media - these abbreviations are used by people around the world to communicate with each other.( ATI Technologies ) Atisbo a Local Government Area in Nigeria named for constituent communities (Ago-Are, Tede, Irawo, Sabe, Baasi, Ofiki and Owo) ATK (p) Attack ATL (p) Atlanta, Georgia, the largest city and capital of Georgia atlas (a) All-Terrain Lifter Army System (p) Assessment.