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Download: iOS Android Windows Phone BlackBerry Others Kakao Talk Another free chat app from Asia this time Korea Kakao Talk is an interesting, multimedia-focused service, but it doesnt have a large number of overseas-based users.Download: Available as built-in services for iOS and Mac

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Snapchat chat room emoji

snapchat chat room emoji

However, Snapchat also uses emojis to denote relationships hairy pussy cam fire cam live cam with your Snapchat friends, as well as to indicate the status of your snaps and stories.
Two years after it reportedly rejected a 3 billion (2 billion) bid from Facebook, the messaging app startup is entering the territory of the social media giant by allowing people to make voice calls, send audio messages, and send video messages.
"Your friend can simply listen if you want to sing them a song, or watch if you have a new puppy to show them.
They may represent an emotion, response, activity, or other environmental condition.
Gold heart, you and this friend are each others #1 best friend.Snapchat will now show you a list of available emojis.Snapchat snap-related and chat-related emoji meanings.Emoji, meaning filled red arrow, you have sent a photo snap to your friend(s) filled purple arrow, you have sent a video snap to your friend(s) filled blue arrow.Smiling face, this user is one of your best friends; you send a lot of snaps to this person, but not the most out of all of your friends.If you want to learn more about the features of Snapchat, including Snapchat stories, be sure to look over the rest of our Snapchat course!This means that the most frequent recipient of snaps for each of you is the same person.More Great Related Articles How to Get iPhone Emojis on Android Devices Best 5 Apps Like Kik for Online Communication Top 5 Secure, Safe and Private Messaging Apps Best 7 Video Chat Apps for iOS and Android.Red heart, you and this friend have been each others #1 best friends for at least two weeks.Emojis are small picture representations used to convey information in snaps.

In this article, well explain what each of the Snapchat emojis means.
Gold star, denotes one of your friends on who has had one or more of their snaps replayed in the past 24 hours, either by you or by another user.
This means that each of you is the most frequent recipient of the others snaps.
The default emojis and meanings are listed below.Next to this emoji will be the number of days that you have been able to maintain your Snapstreak with this friend.You have sent a chat message to your friend hollow red arrow, your friend has viewed a photo snap that you sent them hollow purple arrow Your friend has viewed a video snap that you sent them hollow blue arrow Your friend has viewed.Snapstreak occurs when both you and one of your friends send each other at least one snap within a 24-hour period.Snapchat also uses special emojis to denote your relationships to your friends and the statuses of your snaps and chats.Snapchats pool of general emojis used in snaps is rather large, so its rather difficult to explain what each one means in a single article. .

What do emojis mean?